The Real Cats

by Chillpaw

Meet the RC Staff

Running a business is not easy. 

Running a business with an office full of cats 

is even harder! 

So I decided to give them all jobs.

Now instead of getting in my way they each

have a Very Important Job to do!

(Okay, actually they only THINK they have

important jobs to do, which they then

choose to ignore. But that's fine, because

it keeps them out of my way!)

Guyliner (adopted Jan. 2013) thinks he is in charge of 

assembly. Mostly what he does is take material and things off

my work table and "hides" them in his food bowl. I think he 

thinks he is really helping as he asks for a raise (in freeze-

dried shrimp treets) every day.

(Note: he isn't really helping.)

Kit-ten (adopted Nov. 2008) thinks she is in charge of 

Security. She goes around growling and hissing at all 

the rest of the staff. I can't seem to explain to her 

that they are SUPPOSED to be here. 

Or, maybe she just doesn't WANT them to be here.

Either way, she is very conscientious about her job.

Inky (adopted Sept. 2010) thinks she is in charge of 

accounting. She doesn't really know what that means, but 

she is happy  to be in charge of anything. So I told her 

that "accounting" means "napping" and now she is the best 

dang accountant EVER!

Chevy (found Oct. 2005) thinks he is the head of our 

Customer Service Department. This is especially funny

because he 1) doesn't answer phones 2) doesn't use 

the computer and 3) nobody ever tries to contact us 

anyway. But Chevy doesn't care! He is the oldest and 

says he is going to be retiring soon. 

(Personally, I think he already retired

and just isn't telling anyone.)