The Real Cats

by Chillpaw

Real Cats Fundraisers

When I am able to do it, I like to help animal shelters and rescues with a fun fundraiser. So far Real Cats has done vinyl decal fundraisers as well as face masks and catnip toys and t-shirts!

Vinyl Decal Fundraisers: I think the best part of the decal fundraisers is that it is promotional for the shelter itself, and I always make it promotional for some of the animals needing homes as well! It also gives people an incentive to purchase when they know ALL of their dollars are going to the cause. Basically it's a donation for which they receive a "free gift" as a "thank you"! It's not always possible for me to do "free" fundraisers and donate 100% but when I am in a position to do it, I am glad to help! The decals themselves are premium vinyl and are VERY long-lasting, even outdoors! I have several on my car that have been there for years and they still look great! They also are awesome on travel coffee mugs (smooth surface) and withstand many daily washings!

T-Shirt Fundraisers: Designing and printing t-shirts in-house (literally!) has been my passion since high school! I design the shirts for no charge to shelters and rescues, and the donation from sales of t-shirts is typically around 25%. I only print on name-brand cotton t-shirts and the colors and print remain vibrant for years!

If you know of an animal shelter or rescue group who might be interested in having a "Real Cats Fun Fundraiser" feel free to send me an email using the CONTACT REAL CATS page in the menu above! Real Cats Fundraisers never require the rescue to pay for or do ANYTHING (aside from promoting the fundraiser on their social media, and I supply the digital "flyer" to share!) I handle everything from production to orders to packaging to shipping!