The Real Cats

by Chillpaw

About Us

 I like cats. And dogs.  And I like to make things.

This is a picture of me when I was four. I think it's the last time I was seen wearing a dress.

And an oven mitt.

When I am not working (and by "working" I mean making cat-and-dog things) 

I spend a lot of my time helping to promote cats for animal shelters.                                                                                                                            

I live in New Jersey and have a staff of cats who help me make

things. They don't really like to work much so I end up doing

most of it myself. But if you order something and there's a

note in your package that says "I WANTs SOME FREEZE-DRIED

SHRIMP TREETS" you can rest assured that it didn't come 

from me.

I hope you enjoy browsing around this website and if you have

time and are so inclined, check out my The Real Cats Ride Again on Facebook!

to see some great adoptable cats at a variety of shelters in and around north Jersey!          

It's a lot of fun and you will get to know some really good and nice cats! 

~Chillpaw (aka RC)

(aka Two Legs)

Guyliner is one of the shelter cats I had absolutely no intention of adopting but took home anyway. So I put him to work helping me make things to go in my web store. If you order something and there is a note stuck in the package that says something about "freeze dried shrimp treets" then it's from him.

I apologize in advance.