The Real Cats

by Chillpaw

About Us

 I like cats. And dogs.  And I like to make things.

This is a picture of me when I was four. I think it's the last time I was seen wearing a dress.

And an oven mitt.

When I am not working (and by "working" I mean making cat-and-dog things) 

I spend a lot of my time helping to promote cats for animal shelters.                                                                                                                            

I live in New Jersey and have a staff of cats who help me make

things. They don't really like to work much so I end up doing

most of it myself. But if you order something and there's a

note in your package that says "I WANTs SOME FREEZE-DRIED

SHRIMP TREETS" you can rest assured that it didn't come 

from me.


Today I am a cartoonist. I do illustrations, make logos, design and print t-shirts, and when I'm not working I run a Facebook page to help promote shelter cats who need help being seen so they can find homes. It's called The Real Cats Ride Again.

Professionally I am "Chillpaw" which is a combo of my last names. That's when I am being an artist.

When I'm being a cat promoter on Facebook I'm only known as "RC"

And when I'm visiting shelter cats, they just call me Two Legs. (Cats are very literal.)